Level Designer 

Trickochet is a top down arcade game where the player controls Sancho, a legendary outlaw gunslinger who must eliminate surreal entities Bottle Banditos and Cactus Cabronis in a ricochet puzzle shooter situation. With only six bullets in his trusty revolver and a living cactus friend called Sancho, Pancho emerges guns blazing making the player think first and act next.




Level Design

Tutorial Levels

The tutorial levels are solid, self explanatory, required no text reinforcement, easy to pickup with intuitive mechanics, stars for conveyance, and solutions

Basic Levels 1,2, 3

The basic levels reinforces the mechanics taught in a way and also encourages the player to think and look for that solution to eliminate all the enemies using one bullet

Team extremely stoked to be submitting the final disc and poster to the stakeholders

Professional Kleenex testing sessions 

Normal work day with full energy


What Went Well:

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