Level Design Producer 

In SeaFeud, players control fast and mutated fish, and they can switch between fish during races to alter their abilities, items, and stats dynamically. With a choice of eight characters and three unique courses, players can enjoy endless fun exploring stunning sunken landscapes. 




Production Duties

A picture with all the leads on SeaFeud with the ribbon

Doing performance checks on tracks with the team

Announcing the daily priorities to the Level Designers


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Lessons from SeaFeud's development process:

Managing my energy

What went well

What went wrong

SeaFeud Saturday

When the team had to come on a Saturday for a full work day to make up for three days lost due to snowfall. I leveraged my vlogging hobby to sustain a high level of engagement and energy within the team. I encouraged everyone to showcase a cool trick or share something positive related to the workday. The video was well received, on the launch day when nobody was aware that it existed, including me that it would be played in front of the entire crowd.