Kneedle Knight


Kneedle Knight is a third person puzzle platformer where the player controls Sir Lukoss a knight turned into a mouse by an evil witch, now equipped with a magic needle in their hand with a power to sew themselves into an embroirdery onto pieces of fabric unlocking new ways of traversal set in a medieval castle. It's an innovative yet cute 3D platformer game allowing players to live the enchanting life of a small mouse in a huge world.




Production Duties

Original Soundtrack

Project Documentation and Presentations

Throughout the development, created various forms of documents and presentations in the thematic design of the game outlining the progress made by the students on the milestone delivery dates. Some examples are noted below:

Kneedle Knight Milestone Delivery Document for 1st P.pdf
Kneedle Knight - PoCT Milestone.pdf
Kneedle Knight - 1st Playable Milestone.pdf

Games User Research and Testing

To ensure seamless playtesting, designed controller bindings and mechanic handouts for quick reference. I strive to deliver high quality visual documents to satisfy my passion for graphic design at any chance given.

Team Orange: Special Topics Production Final

Performed Games User Research Study in the Cohort to understand what the player and market expects to have in a 3D platformer along with likes and dislikes with mechanics involving constant switching between 2D and 3D

Created Surveys to understand player and market expectations and to gather user feedback through Kleenex testings


The development process of Kneedle Knight has provided me with several important lessons:


What went well:

What I learned:

What went wrong:

Developer Panel Interview

Motivational Video

The mouse knight theme was greenlit, and the team was formed. To boost the team's morale and infuse them with energy, I knighted each and every developer, accompanied by epic music, and played it during a morning announcement. It was a fantastic way to start the day with a tremendous amount of energy and the video was well received.