Individual Projects

Financial Module

Kneedle Knight AAA | Production Management II

Studio budgeting, asset development, pricing and breakeven planning and revenue projection for the AAA version of our Capstone game


Production Plan

Trickochet Overhaul | Direct Focus Study I

Development plan of a live service mobile game based on TGP - I which included


Level Designer 

Half Life 2 | Best I Ever Saw

A Source engine mod for Half Life 2 developed in hammer as part of a course project which includes combat and puzzles



The level “Best I Ever Saw” is a single player level designed for the game Half Life 2: Episode Two but takes place in the base game just after the Ravenholm Chapter using Valve’s proprietary software Hammer. The level is set in a building which is believed to be the source of the zombies in Ravenholm, while the Combine are trying to demolish it and Gordon is tasked to get to the detonator and destroy the building with the combine in it. This level majorly revolves around Hinges and it’s usage both in combat and some quirky puzzles used to rotate planks to use as ramps to get to places and around 5-10 minutes of time to complete. The level overall has two areas and a building with an atrium in the center and the player gets to venture into every corner of it.

Software: Hammer

Total Development time: 80 hours approx.

Platform: PC

Release Date: December 5th, 2022

Parameters: two field sections, a building with 4 corridors and an atrium

Design Goals

Hinge as a ramp

Hinged long metal planks on top of poles and suspended them onto wooden columns. The player must punt away the wooden column to make the plank fall onto the ground which the player can then use to make his way up to the other areas in the level. Made sure that the player cannot punt the plank and make it fall on the other side causing a soft lock by adding a rod preventing it which was later changed to a streetlight to make it believable

Hinge as a Combat mechanic

Hinged the propeller blade into a static object making it stand on a concrete block so that it stands out in the open ground and using the gravity gun to punt it making the blade rotate at speed cutting everything in half that comes in it’s way. Intentionally started the player with very little ammo so that the players can use the trap to watch and see the zombies go in half. Truly a satisfying sight to lure the zombies into the trap and watch them cut in half and fly away.

Reusing the same ramp

The second, third and fourth puzzle pushes the player to re-use the ramp in different ways after their first use to get to the next place and progress in the level. The final puzzle is designed in such a way that the player first punts the column to get inside the fenced chamber and re-punt the beam so that it falls onto the wall behind the player. The player is then required to take the ladder which is only available on the inside of the chamber.

Design and Creatives Head

Aakaar IIT Bombay | Mumbai, India

Aakaar, IIT Bombay is India's largest Civil Engineering festival with a footfall of 10000 students from across the country and a budget of 1M INR. I was the design and creatives head leading a two tier team for the festival for an year. And here are some examples of my work.