About Me

Welcome to my portfolio website! I have a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and a strong passion for graphic design and gaming.

During my college years, I discovered that engineering alone wouldn't fulfill my creative aspirations. I delved into graphic design and immersed myself in the world of gaming, exploring potential career paths in UI/UX design and Analytics.

In my professional pursuits, I had a significant turning point when I realized my desire to become a Product Manager. This role involves leading diverse teams to enhance product quality and user experience. My love for video games was reignited during the pandemic, driving my ambition to excel as a Producer in game development.

Join me on this exciting journey as I combine my technical foundation with my creative inclinations, crafting unforgettable gaming experiences.



Regular Mathematics tutor

Can tutor until Calculus 2

Graduated from the top school for engineering

Swimathon, swam continuously for 12.5 kms in 12 hours

Love to do rock climbing

Graphic Designer by Hobby

Professional Motorbiker, Been on a 1800 mile trip to Himalayas for 17 days

Yoga practitioner for 6 years

Avid gamer, top games include but not limited to 

Red Dead Redemption II, Zelda, CS:GO, Doom, etc.