Video Game Producer, Publishing, Business, and Analytics

Graduate Masters Student at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) Guildhall based out of Dallas, TX. Looking for entry level Production roles in Game Development Studios across the United States

A strong believer in the power of passionate leadership. Excellent project management and leadership skills. Strategic thinker, creative problem solver, and executioner with strong interpersonal skills and visual aesthetic abilities. Over four years of experience in business, product, and supply areas.

Efficiency driven leader who brings a contagious energy and unwavering passion to every room, inspiring teams to exceed their potential. 

Team Game Projects

Kneedle Knight

Role: Co-producer

Genre: 3D Puzzle Plattformer

Platform: Windows (Steam, EGS), PS5

Engine: Unreal Engine 5.2


Role: Level Design Producer

Genre: 3D Arcade Racer

Platform: Steam

Engine: Unreal Engine 5.2


Role: Level Designer

Genre: 2D Puzzle Arcade

Platform: Android

Engine: Unity

Professional Work Experience

Disney + Hotstar

Role: Business and Strategy Associate

Industry: Video Streaming

Location: Bangalore, India


Role: Business and Product Analyst

Industry: Food Delivery Internet Startup

Location: Bangalore, India


Role: Associate Consultant

Industry: IT Consultancy Services

Location: Bangalore, India